• The Importance of Succession Planning

    When you’re ready to retire, but not ready to retire your business, you need to have a plan for succession. If it’s a family business, this process can create great stress for your family and your employees, but having a plan and starting early can mitigate those problems.

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    • Limit Liability with Keywords

      In this episode, we speak with Eric Zalud, Partner and Chair of the Transportation & Logistics Group, Benesch Law, who provides a few keywords that... [more]

    • LTL

      We take a look at how members can get more involved with moving LTL Freight. We spoke with Andy Berke, V P of Strategy at Blue Grace Group, about how TIA... [more]

    • TIA TV, Episode 1

      Robert Voltmann welcomes TIA members and discusses MAP-21 and its upcoming provisions. Matt Hirniak delivers TIA’s 3PL Market Report.

    • Preserving Capacity

      Joel McGinley, Managing Director and Founder of TranStrategy provides the tips freight brokers need to preserve capacity. The latest numbers from DAT... [more]

    • February TIA TV

      Darin Day, with Tucker Company Worldwide, on the representation of a member company and TIA before the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee. The CSA... [more]

    • Robert Voltmann's 2014 Recap

      In this video Robert Voltmann address members with a recap of a strong 2014 and more great things to come in 2015 from TIA and our members.

    • Conference Recap

      Recap of 2014 Great Ideas Conference and Exposition

    • Creating Value in a Complex Transportation Environment

      TIA recently hosted a shipper focus group and the shippers made it clear that a broker needs to differentiate themselves from the pack on something other... [more]

    • Treat Carriers as Customers and Grow Your Capacity

      Due to a shifting dynamic in the industry, capacity is tightening considerably. Alicia Ruiz, Carrier Relations Manager at Johanson Transportation Service... [more]

    • TIA TV Episode 2

      Mark Christos speaks on the importance of performance metrics and Matt Hirniak gives TIA's 3PL Economic Update. Valuable links: TIA 3PL Market Report